The economic and social upheaval caused by COVID-19 is prompting bishops to relax a Lenten rule.
A long-standing permission by the Archdiocese of Detroit allows local Catholics to eat muskrat — a furry, marsh-dwelling rodent native to the area — “on days of abstinence, including Fridays of Lent.”
"You know you're Catholic when you genuflect before you go into a row at a movie theater."
The improvements were more mental than physical.
Oh, it’s tempting. And according to my Facebook feed this morning lots of my colleagues have decided on this Ash Wednesday
He also hoped bringing out some Mardi Gras beads could prompt the president to show us his taxes.
Tuesday: Do something that I have resisted Wednesday: Reach out to someone I have avoided Thursday: Engage by attending a
For most of my adult life I haven't been so sure about God. That such a mighty and glorious thing could exist seems far-fetched. And the Easter news -- of the Resurrection -- has seemed way too good to be true.
I had the date on my calendar for weeks: a Shabbat dinner with some of the couples in my "Love and Religion" class. We've gotten together several times over meals and I knew that nobody has any eating restrictions besides "kosher style."
Eggs at Easter recall the resurrection of Jesus. Since eggs were not eaten during the Lent period preceding Easter, the stored-up eggs were especially enjoyed on Easter. Fortunately, egg shaped chocolates ensued.
Apparently, given the rhetoric and revelations of this political season in the United States, we still have a great deal of work to do. Would somebody please shut the windows of heaven, that the saints need not hear our current discourse.