LGBT Rights

Here’s how countries around the world are celebrating gay pride.
It's now a felony, punishable by up to 10 years in prison, for medical providers in Alabama to give puberty blockers or hormones to those under the age of 19.
Belfast couple Robyn Peoples, 26, a healthcare worker from the city, and Sharni Edwards, 27, a waitress originally from Brighton, became the first same sex couple to get married in Northern Ireland. Northern Ireland's prohibition on same-sex marriage was eliminated by the central government after a vote by British lawmakers when the province did not have a sitting government.
Amid his criticisms of Roe v. Wade, Justice Samuel Alito eerily ripped landmark civil rights cases that legalized marriage equality and private, consensual sex.
The Florida governor's latest complaint about LGBTQ representation in Disney films has people recalling all the things Bugs Bunny and friends used to do.
This family already fled Texas due to anti-transgender policies. Now their new home of Arizona is enacting them too.
In celebration of International Transgender Day Of Visibility, we highlight the victories of just a few of the people who have helped pioneer trans rights.
Human rights activists say they are concerned about how the WNBA All-Star athlete is being treated, given Russia's hostility to the LGBTQ community.
Prosecutors say Steven Yinger strangled Jorge Diaz-Johnston, whose body was found at a landfill near Tallahassee in January.
"This is rich coming from my Putin-loving sister who seems okay with children being killed in Ukraine," Curtis Ingraham said of the Fox News host.