Daley, who paired with Matty Lee to win the 10-meter synchronized platform for Britain, delivered a powerful message to LGBTQ fans.
“It hurt that the State of West Virginia would try to block me from pursuing my dreams," Becky Pepper-Jackson, 11, said. "I just want to play.”
Monsignor Jeffrey Burrill was accused of "possible improper behavior" and is believed to have used the app to visit LGBTQ and private residences.
The new episode of the Disney+ series is a milestone for actors Frankie A. Rodriguez and Joe Serafini, who also are dating in real life.
Twenty other states currently prohibit the practice that psychologists say is harmful to young people.
Illustrator Simon Ip is glad to give representation to gay and interracial couples.
The 17-year-old star of the Pixar and Disney+ hit declared "Silenzio, Bruno!" while opening up about his sexuality on Instagram Live last week.
"I didn’t want another apology. I wanted him to travel back in time to fill the empty space shaped like him."
The “Truth Hurts” singer issued a polite ― and unflinching ― clarification after a reporter repeatedly misgendered Lovato with incorrect pronouns.
"Fire Island" will reimagine Jane Austen's 1813 classic as a splashy romantic comedy set amid the sand and surf of New York's premier gay resort town.