The shake-up came amid controversy about a transgender student playing on a school team for girls, despite the state limiting such teams to biological females.
Todd Haynes' new film, starring Julianne Moore and Natalie Portman, makes an effort to distance itself from the Letourneau case.
The Human Rights Campaign’s report shows an “epidemic of violence” disproportionately affecting young Black trans women.
Right-wing critics complained about the retail giant decking the aisles with “woke” this year.
The Florida law penalized venues that allowed people younger than 18 to attend “adult live performances” containing sexually explicit or lewd content.
The city ordinance, originally intended to block drag shows, is now being used as a basis to consider removing certain titles from public shelves.
Parents say they're still worried about the right-leaning school board and the influence of conservative politics and religion in local public schools.
"You are not welcome at this salon. Period," Studio 8 Hair Lab's owner allegedly wrote in a since-deleted Facebook post.
The singer had several reasons for why going public about his sexuality was never a big deal to him.