LGBTQ Sexuality

His remarks were in response to a question asked about anti-LGBTQ legislation and the Oklahoma nonbinary student who died earlier this month
Sixteen-year-old Nex Benedict died the day after a "physical altercation" at their high school.
The Utah Board of Education said the official will be barred from attending some board meetings and stripped her of her committee assignments.
Lt. Gov. Mark Robinson suggested transgender women "find a corner" to use as a bathroom instead.
Kansas’ attorney general is telling public schools that they’re required to tell parents their children are transgender or nonbinary even if they’re not out at home.
State school board member Natalie Cline insinuated that the young basketball player was trans, leading to online vitriol targeting the teen.
Dozens condemned the West Virginia bill on Thursday, arguing that it would give women no further rights and is a way for Republicans to suppress transgender people.
Advocates say the conservative push to define “sex” is not only politically motivated but goes against basic biology.
A 39-year-old veteran attempted self-castration after the VA denied her request for gender-affirming surgery.
This year was marked by rising anti-trans rhetoric, a record number of anti-LGBTQ bills filed in statehouses across the country, and even violence.