LGBTQ Sexuality

The vote puts Texas on the path to becoming the largest state to pass an anti-trans sports bill this year.
The streaming platform is facing criticism from LGBTQ employees and advocacy groups over the comedian's new special, "The Closer."
The Human Rights Campaign called the bill, which Gov. Bill Lee signed into law earlier this year, "dangerous and discriminatory."
She competed in the 87-kilo division and thanked the IOC for affirming that "sport is something for all people."
The "Halloween" star also revealed that she will officiate her daughter Ruby's wedding next year.
The "13 Reasons Why" star spoke at length about her gender identity to Time magazine. "This is an evolution of Tommy," she said.
Los Angeles Police officers fired bean bag rounds and other projectiles at protesters and counter-protesters.
The court's refusal to hear a Virginia school board's appeal was hailed as an incredible victory for LGBTQ students across the country.
The Supreme Court has declined to hear a case about bathrooms for transgender students.