LGBTQ Sexuality

"My mom’s guidelines were clear: we will accept this, but we will not talk about it — not even with each other."
The future of the bill, which would ban discrimination against people based on sexual orientation and gender identity, remains uncertain.
The QAnon supporter mocked her Democratic colleague with an anti-transgender sign outside her office.
The Nutmeg State's attorney general said he was pleased with the decision, noting, "Every woman and girl deserves protection against discrimination."
"Because I had no way to explain why our relationship ended the way it did, I never considered what she might be going through or the profound trauma she was experiencing at that time."
LGBTQ rights advocates blasted the GOP lawmaker for choosing "to fearmonger and demonize children in his state” with his remarks.
The Sunflower State is one of eight considering such a bill, which supporters say is designed to protect minors who are “too young to be making those decisions.”
The co-head writer of “Saturday Night Live” made a “don't ask, don't tell” joke on “Weekend Update” that many Twitter users found offensive.
Philadelphia LGBTQ activist Kendall Stephens knows firsthand the horrors Black trans women face in America.
The "Orange Is the New Black" star revealed that her new boyfriend "has never dated a trans woman before," as was the case with two prior relationships.