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Straight Talk: How Mathew Shurka And His Conversion Therapist Renounced The 'Gay Cure' NLGJA's Excellence in Journalism Awards
This week, Javier filed a lawsuit in Riverside, Calif., against the university, accusing it of violations of California's
After the meeting, Baker said he now has no problem with the drag show brunch. "Its a very innocent show," he said. "I understand
Earlier this week, I wrote about how LGBT Catholics are hopeful -- if not optimistic -- that the next pope might be less
Hopes are high among gay rights advocates that Obama will say something about LGBT rights in his State of the Union address
Pope Benedict XVI shocked catholics on Monday with his sudden announcement that he was stepping down. For LGBT advocates
A spokesman for New York City did not immediately respond to a request for comment. Although the Staten Island Advance is
-- The Boy Scouts of America announced today that it would delay a vote on a controversial policy banning openly gay scouts
-- Forces on both sides are gathering momentum as they prepare for the Supreme Court's hearing on same-sex marriage this