Lisa Ling

The “Crazy Rich Asians” star reveals how her unconventional childhood shaped her confidence and creativity.
Nick and I think Fifty years is a reasonable request for the FDA's future regulations of sperm bank record retention, and if I were a parent seeking "super smart" sperm, I would want my future child to have all the knowledge and empowerment available to help them to be a happy and productive member of society.
National Bird is in limited film festival release, most recently at Tribeca in New York, before moving wider theatrical release
As negotiators struggle in the last few days in Paris, we, the undersigned, would like to suggest the incorporation of a simpler approach to deal with the existential threat facing life on this planet.
The journalist spoke with us about her long career, as well as her most recent work.
Season 2 preview of the CNN Original Series "This Is Life with Lisa Ling." Premieres Wednesday, September 30th at 9P ET/PT on CNN.
Soon, my buddy Paul will be making online site reservations for our July 4th camping trip. That's seven months away, you say. Yes it is, but here in Southern California, the land of too many fucking people, you have to plan ahead. If you don't, you'll be pitching a tent between a bear box and the campground dumpster.
"It's a really important move for the entire cable news genre ... which frankly isn't a robust, growing genre," Zucker said
Watching you interview “Bubba,” you looked close to tears when he told you that being at the rodeo was a “fantasy” for him
"I think I have bigger balls than most guys," she said proudly at a lunch with reporters on Tuesday. "And I will eat anything
Jackie has warned her sons to stay away when Donna emerges in case she becomes violent, which Juwan says has happened on
"She actually witnessed a murder back here," Valencia says. "She witnessed it. She called me just emotional about what was
A few years ago, 16-year-old Sophie was pregnant and facing a daunting decision: parenting or adoption. Each would present
Despite that, Iosue pled guilty to his charge. He says his court-appointed attorney told him that it would get him out of
"It was a retaliation from this side to that side," Stephanie says. "From all that, six murders happened. We lost six men
PJ's parents are proud of her resilience, but admit that they still worry about their daughter's future. Both parents believe
"Our America with Lisa Ling" airs Thursdays at 10 p.m. ET on OWN. After customers called the police to report Shannon's odd
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