Lisa Ling

She said she was "sick of seeing the face of the man who massacred eight people," and blasted the idea that the shootings were not racially motivated.
The “Crazy Rich Asians” star reveals how her unconventional childhood shaped her confidence and creativity.
Nick and I think Fifty years is a reasonable request for the FDA's future regulations of sperm bank record retention, and if I were a parent seeking "super smart" sperm, I would want my future child to have all the knowledge and empowerment available to help them to be a happy and productive member of society.
Scattered throughout the documentary are silent images from drones and aerial cameras, sweeping, hypnotic vistas taken from
As negotiators struggle in the last few days in Paris, we, the undersigned, would like to suggest the incorporation of a simpler approach to deal with the existential threat facing life on this planet.
The journalist spoke with us about her long career, as well as her most recent work.
Season 2 preview of the CNN Original Series "This Is Life with Lisa Ling." Premieres Wednesday, September 30th at 9P ET/PT on CNN.
Soon, my buddy Paul will be making online site reservations for our July 4th camping trip. That's seven months away, you say. Yes it is, but here in Southern California, the land of too many fucking people, you have to plan ahead. If you don't, you'll be pitching a tent between a bear box and the campground dumpster.
"Each of these primetime programs delivered stand-out ratings in their respective time periods," the statement read, "and
How do you get people to open up and trust you with their very personal stories? I like to think that we have built up a
Before "This is Life," Ling hosted the OWN documentary series "Our America," which took a similar tack as "This Is Life." Ling
Jackie has warned her sons to stay away when Donna emerges in case she becomes violent, which Juwan says has happened on
"I hate this place," she says of Unique's old apartment, sobbing. "It makes me sick every time I come here. Just makes me
"They're always seeking each other," Ben says. It's now been more than two years since Katie and Ben adopted Sophie's son
In the above video from Thursday night's episode, Iosue explains what happened that night. Lisa Ling first investigated Iosue's
John's bedroom in North Philadelphia looks like the typical bedroom of an 18-year-old boy. Trophies line the shelves, jerseys
"These guys don't got to buy a gun. They go home and get a gun. You ask, 'Where'd you get the gun from?' [They answer,] 'My
When Lisa Ling explored the world of foster care through the Los Angeles County's large and overburdened system, she met
Over the course of her 11-year career as an emergency response worker, VaSonne has removed hundreds of children from dangerous