Love and Relationships

The governor and the CNN host hit the brakes on their routine banter to show some brotherly love.
Sibling rifts — like the rumored one between Prince William and Prince Harry — are more common than you think, family therapists say.
Consider this your pre-romp checklist.
"Check up on you, of course." Blog also at The telephone rang twice before the machine answered. Lydia
You might stay because you genuinely believe you love this person who regularly makes you feel like crap. You might even
For me, self care is my gateway to self love. How I commit my time and energy is in a direct relationship with how I feel
Thank you for all you've brought to my life, Awareness. I'm truly grateful for what you've shown me and help me change.
Corporatization of the holiday aside, Valentine's Day provides a full day to appreciate the ones we love, romantically or
He knew. Then one day came "The Event", as it became known. Daddy bided his time and began preparations. He went to several
4. Take Inventory Before you pack take an honest inventory of both places. If you have duplicates decide which is in better
Who's to say Valentine's Day is only about champagne, chocolate and roses? Don't get me wrong, I will gladly cheers to you
How are you going to spread the love this Valentine's Day? Whatever you choose, do it with joy and revel in pleasure, which
Love has many forms and we want to open up the discussion to celebrate all of them.
Naturally, Liz, drama queen of last night's episode and former fling of Nick at a wedding 9 months ago, was nicknamed Victoria
Perhaps the rest just went without saying...but, if those walls could talk, I'm sure they'd say that couple loved each other
For creative inspiration, you might consider reading some love poetry. The poetry of our beloved Leonard Cohen is always
Class started at 5PM. I got there early, so I could sit outside and read. I have many half-read works on my shelves, because