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Researchers from the University of Iowa found that people are distrusting of flashy or too-perfect online dating profiles
"I don't send sexy pictures. I mean, that's like a virtual hickey," began *Stephanie, the most logical of my college friends. "Someone has marked their territory on you. They own your image." It was sound advice. I probably should have followed it.
I know you probably mean this question as a compliment. But if that's the case, just tell me I'm pretty or I'm kind or I'm... whatever. Just affirm me for what you see instead of interrogating me about why a man didn't see it, too.
Well, the acting-insane part I knew I could handle. It was the "ten days" that were problematic for me and -- let's be real -- the structural integrity of this movie. Quickly repulsing somebody would be a snap, but it'd also make for a short flick and a shorter article.
On therapy: Jennifer Lopez's romantic relationships may be tabloid fodder, but the megastar is setting the record straight
When Blake Lively made her first red carpet appearance, following her pregnancy news, at the Golden Heart Awards on Oct. 16
One downside to being married to a gorgeous actress? Watching your wife get intimate with somebody else onscreen. The couple
Justin Timberlake shared a personal photo with wife Jessica Biel on his Instagram account Tuesday. In the photo, the typically
The photo appears on Lively's site within a post titled "Bringing Up Baby." The 27-year-old actress is pregnant with her
The actress also said she doesn't feel pressure to get married or have children just because of cultural expectations. "I'm
Be fully present and you won't look back on your life saying, "There's so much that I didn't take the time to appreciate
"We were part of the lowest common denominator -- guys using dating apps are guilty until proven innocent. By virtue of being
There have been more than a few sexy "songs of the summer" that we haven't been so into: Robin Thicke's "Blurred Lines," case
The "orgasm gap" between the sexes is particularly pronounced when it comes to initial sexual encounters. On average, men
What's the one bit of dating advice you're glad you ignored? Again, I'm not saying we shouldn't trust our gut, or that those
4. Look into planning a multi-city road trip. Once you pick your destination, learn what cities are nearby or on the way