Rep. Luis Gutierrez

The Georgia Democrat won back the support of former Rep. Luis Gutiérrez by affirming his support for Puerto Rican self-determination.
“The southwest side was ripe for change,” said Jesús “Chuy” García.
"I didn't tell anyone that a man living with us would come into my bedroom when I was asleep and lift my nightgown."
Advocates want protections for young undocumented immigrants added to a funding bill that must pass by Friday.
But there are suspicions retiring Rep. Luis Gutiérrez tried to tilt the contest.
But there are suspicions that retiring Rep. Luis Gutiérrez tried to tilt the contest.
The prominent pro-immigrant, anti-Trump representative was first elected in 1992.
The "blue card" proposal would give undocumented farmworkers a path to a legal status. Republicans aren't jumping on board.
John Kelly just keeps carrying out some of the president's most controversial policies.
The members wanted to learn more about recent deportation efforts.
Immigrant-rights advocates held more than 70 events across the country to protest the president-elect's threatened crackdown.