Mahershala Ali

The former president and Michelle Obama are co-producing Netflix's "Leave the World Behind," starring Julia Roberts and Mahershala Ali.
These 66 looks are a Christmas gift you won't want to return.
"IT'S THE PERFECT CASTING!!!" one fan tweeted in response to Marvel's announcement at San Diego Comic-Con.
Like her character Elisa Montgomery, the actress was kept in the dark when it came to the Purcell case.
“Green Book” took home the title of Best Picture at the Oscars, but not everyone is celebrating the win.
The film was plagued with controversy for sanitizing racism in the Jim Crow era.
Though the film has been embraced by some audiences and is an awards season darling, it's attracted controversy since its November premiere.
I thought I'd solved the mystery of Nic Pizzolatto's anthology series on HBO. Then I realized the joke was on me.
The award-winning actor said he considers the "balance" of his family when deciding on accepting the next role.
The return of Nic Pizzolatto’s HBO series, now starring Mahershala Ali, is an attempt to transport fans back to the existential days of Rust Cohle.