Making It Work

These stereotypes are a problem for many reasons.
Good news for working moms: Attitudes about women working outside of the home have become increasingly positive over the
It’s certainly been great! Phyllis won the 2014 national honoree award at the L'Oreal Paris Women of Worth event and has
I believe I can be a present mother and do an excellent job in my career. I believe I can aspire to leadership roles within an organization and still nurse my daughter to sleep at bedtime.
By that definition do you consider yourself successful? How would you define success? What’s next for you? Moore spoke with
Increasing gender diversity and equality in the workplace can lead to increased revenues, greater innovation and improved employee satisfaction, which benefits us all.
I think there’s so many times when girls and young women are told, “It’s just not gonna work out.” And if I could give anyone
During college, Green partnered with Planned Parenthood in 2012 as a sex educator giving lectures at colleges across the
But I also think it’s really important that we have better top-down leadership. There’s been a leadership lid in this country
What got you interested in engineering? I guess it goes right back to school days. We were really lucky; we had really good
Who is your role model? Monaghan at the Emmys with her "True Detective" costars via Instagram. So, what’s next for you in
Then I realized this past May, once I did get my clean bill of health, that I wasn’t tied to a company and I didn't have
With my dad, I ended up giving the book to him two days before I had my baby as a way to say: “Here’s this, but look over
This interview has been edited and condensed. Since 2009, the actress has starred in "Cougar Town," opposite Courtney Cox
How do you define success and do you consider yourself successful by that measure? Success to me is accomplishing what you
In that vein, many of the career "rules" that made sense for my mother and her generation don't work for me and mine. Here