Mark Driscoll

Most complementarians (supporters of patriarchal male headship) argue that domestic abuse has nothing to do with their theology.
The Joshua Duggar controversy is one of dozens of scandals that have emerged from within conservative Christianity. In the midst of the tidal wave of scandal, we must ask whether these situations are a matter of coincidence or symptomatic of a larger issue with the religious system in which they are occurring?
The most recent Pew forum study, which show that numbers of people identifying with any brand of Christianity is still in decline, should surprise no one.
The rise of the so-called Islamic State, variously known as ISIS or ISIL, dominated headlines in 2014 as a self-proclaimed
UPDATE: Pastor Mark Driscoll's website was temporarily offline on Monday, December 29. It appeared to be working again Monday
For many megachurches, a pastor can become larger than the church itself — particularly for multisite churches where the
The board of a church or synagogue does not belong to its pastor or rabbi. It belongs to its members. It belongs to the community. Ultimately, it belongs to God.
Addressing a conference of pastors and church staff, he said: “Every pastor needs a pastor. You pastors, your family needs
Driscoll admitted to and apologized for comments he made under the pseudonym “William Wallace II” where he posted statements
What does it matter what Mark Driscoll wrote some 13 years ago, especially considering he has since stepped down (at least temporarily) from his role at the helm of Mars Hill? It matters because the information is only coming to light now that the church seems to have nothing left to lose and only something to gain by distancing itself further from Driscoll.
Ultra-creep and man of the cloth (of course!) Mark Driscoll went on an online rampage on a church chat board in 2000, and that sh*t has resurfaced and man is it crazy. Not regular, old crazy; full-on "bat sh*t, hold on to your hat, papa's got a brand new bag" crazy.
Downtown Seattle and U-District churches in Washington will be consolidated with Mars Hill Church Ballard as of October 12th
“While the current bylaws greatly restrict our authority, we believe we must act like elders none-the-less,” they write. “It
Earlier this week, 21 former Mars Hill pastors filed charges against Driscoll, saying that he has engaged in a pattern of
Mars Hill also canceled its October Resurgence Conference, which was to feature recently resigned board members Paul Tripp
Throckmorton reported that a former member told him that the festival was canceled in the spring, following the news of how
Mark Driscoll should take some of his royalties and hire a full-time prophet. Not a friend but an opponent. Not a pushover but a person of incisive intellect. Maybe not even a man but a woman. Someone like Deborah, who exercised enormous power among Israel's early judges. Like Huldah, whose prophecies led to intense reform.
Leaders at the Southern Baptist Convention’s LifeWay Christian Resources, informed stores on Friday to stop selling books
This is the biggest official consequence to come to Mark Driscoll for his years of ministry abuse.
I'm also saddened when I see anyone -- especially someone who calls themselves a Christian -- rejoicing in his humiliation or suffering. Yes, we can find hope and encouragement in Driscoll being held accountable, but to revel in his public shaming is not Christ-like.