Marriage Equality

An overwhelming majority of Swiss voters approved the "Marriage for All" initiative via a September referendum.
The celebration comes a year after the island became the first place in Asia to legalize marriage equality.
A new survey also found that the number of married same-sex households has increased by 70% since the Supreme Court's 2015 ruling.
Two brides tied the knot in "Wedding Every Weekend," which aired less than a year after the network faced backlash for pulling LGBTQ-inclusive ads.
The "Star Trek" legend kept pointing out how much money Trump could make from gay marriages, but the future president kept saying he was for "traditional marriage."
Michael McKeever’s devastating off-Broadway play is a modern morality tale about love, family and commitment.
The Kentucky clerk made headlines after she refused to issue a marriage license to a gay couple in 2015.
The LGBTQ group's internal chaos comes at a terrible time as queer America battles the Trump administration’s hostility.
Same-sex marriage is already prohibited in Romania, but the amendment would have put legalizing it even further out of reach.
Those who support the State Department's new directive are the same people who think men are the real Me Too victims.
"I guess I'm canceling my trip," Ellen DeGeneres wrote.
The reversal in Bermuda is the first of its kind, and we cannot assume it will be an isolated case.
"There is just a feeling that people are against you," one person said.
These gay Australians couldn’t wait to tie the knot and said “I do” just minutes after midnight.
The actor is "so happy" about Australia passing marriage equality, too.