Michelle Yeoh

The trailer for the romantic comedy also features Henry Golding and Michelle Yeoh of "Crazy Rich Asians."
Constance Wu, Michelle Yeoh and others stunned with their looks for the 91st annual Academy Awards.
"Star Trek: Discovery" producer Alex Kurtzman said Yeoh has “shattered ceilings, broken boundaries, and astonished us with her grace and gravitas for decades.”
And the actress has a badass reason for owning such flashy bling.
The two will star alongside "Game of Thrones" actress Emilia Clarke in Paul Feig's rom-com.
Not even a "Peter Rabbit" DVD can convince Yeoh to allow Henry Golding to appear on "The Late Late Show."
“To have to work to find yourself in narratives that aren’t necessarily about or for you ... I think it’s just like this huge weight that we all stopped noticing we had, suddenly being lifted.”
Of course, "Crazy Rich Asians" stars Constance Wu and Michelle Yeoh made the list.
The highly anticipated comedy beat industry expectations by nearly $10 million.
Who will take home little gold men from Hollywood's biggest awards show?
Kevin Kwan was asked to reimagine his lead character as a white woman.
Michelle Yeoh, who's starred in several of Weinstein's films, called the producer a "bully" and "not always honorable."