Michigan State University

Evan Thomas Silva was struck by metal shrapnel. He was taken in serious condition to Hurley Medical Center in Flint, where he later died.
At least 342 cases of the coronavirus have been linked to the East Lansing university since Aug. 24, health officials said.
A man was wrongfully arrested after facial recognition software mismatched his driver’s license photo to surveillance video of someone shoplifting, according to an ACLU complaint.
Prosecutors say former Michigan State University President Lou Anna Simon lied to police about Nassar.
Michigan State University coach Kathie Klages lied to police about Larry Nassar, a jury ruled Friday.
Attorney General Dana Nessel said in a written statement that the investigation is ongoing.
Dana Nessel suspended a nearly two-year-long criminal investigation into the university's handling of complaints against the now-imprisoned serial sexual abuser.
The university will also have to overhaul its Title IX procedures in hopes of preventing future sexual abuse, according to the Department of Education.
William Strampel is accused of using his public office to sexually harass students, in addition to willfully neglecting to monitor Nassar.
Lou Anna Simon was allowed to retire with benefits and a million-dollar payout even though she is currently facing criminal charges over the Larry Nassar sex abuse case.