When I got to the deli counter, it was so crowded I couldn't get to the machine to take a number. "Here," Sue said between
Kevin Diepenbrock, 41, spent nearly 30 hours lying in the woods before someone heard his cries.
Miracle stories are a constant in Christian religious settings, from the story of Christ's resurrection to stories of Saints' miracles in modern days.
As you give yourself permission to receive, your cup will be so full that you'll want everyone else to feel the way you do. You'll serve others by lifting them up. You'll want to give like never before. Your life will be your greatest act of service.
I've talked previously about my prayer practice that ends with me knocking on the door of Christ's home and asking entrance
Close rejection and open perfection. In other words, if things aren't working, close that chapter. It will open again if
We have all hoped for a second chance in our lives. Another try at a relationship or fixing a mistake we made. For Isaiah Custodio, a teenager from South Carolina, his second chance came in the form of surviving a brain aneurysm.
There is not a doubt in my mind that Mr. Spielberg believes in fairies and all things magical. I do, too. I've learned to cultivate enchantment and to be open to being astonished:
If you do not believe literally in each of these events, are you not a proper Christian? Where do you draw the line, say
We all know that addiction is wreaking havoc on our world. I don't know anyone who hasn't seen it up close and personal. Whether