Miss Universe

Nicaraguan police claim the director rigged contests in favor of anti-government beauty queens as part of a plot to overthrow the brutally repressive government.
Nicaragua’s increasingly isolated and repressive government thought it had scored a rare public relations victory last week.
The 23-year-old communicologist is the first to wear the crown from her country.
Contestants have accused local organizers of asking them to strip to their underwear in front of a room full of men and to pose for topless photographs.
Kollé will be the second transgender woman to compete in Miss Universe during the 2023 event in El Salvador later this year.
The pageant contestants in the "SNL" sketch screamed their answers to Kenan Thompson’s questions before Hawk rolled in with his takes.
Mariana Varela and Fabiola Valentín shared a sweet video celebrating their marriage on Instagram.
Miss Universe Paulina Vega talks about the Colombian town she comes from, along with other including actress Sofia Vergara and pop sensation Shakira.
The winner said she was "overwhelmed" to be victorious after a pageant threatened by a boycott and COVID-19.
Myanmar's Swe Zin Htet says she hopes to push for LGBTQ equality in her home country, where queer people have limited rights.