Miss Universe

The winner said she was "overwhelmed" to be victorious after a pageant threatened by a boycott and COVID-19.
Myanmar's Swe Zin Htet says she hopes to push for LGBTQ equality in her home country, where queer people have limited rights.
The comedian's Colombian cartel joke riled Twitter, and he appeared to name the wrong costume winner -- but was later redeemed.
The movie mogul's independently owned studio in Atlanta opened last month to wide praise.
"I can't wait," the Heisman Trophy winner said of the planned wedding.
Gray’s win marks the fourth time a Miss Philippines has won the competition.
A now-expired Instagram Live video has Miss USA Sarah Rose Summers in hot water.
Sarah Rose Summers said she “intended to admire the courage of a few of my sisters.”
Dee-Ann Kentish-Rogers may be from a small island, but the beauty queen, lawyer and former athlete is encouraging women and girls to dream big.
Donald Trump’s star on the Walk of Fame has been hit with yet another round of destruction.