Monica Lewinsky

The CNN host had the "Impeachment: American Crime Story" producer on his show and they took a brief stroll down memory lane.
The former White House intern says she's finally OK with the fact that the former president may never tell her he's sorry.
The famous former White House intern gave lots of hilarious answers when Vanity Fair asked her favorite historical figure, favorite name and the love of her life.
The clip shows the British actor Owen saying Bill Clinton's infamous “I did not have sexual relations with that woman” lie.
The next installment of the Ryan Murphy series showcases the impeachment of former President Bill Clinton.
Monica Lewinsky was one of many Twitter users to weigh in with a witty reply.
It might be hard to imagine, but a lot of crazy things happened before the advent of social media.
The former White House intern took the crown for the "I have a joke" Twitter meme.
Tripp's recorded conversations with Monica Lewinsky led to the impeachment of President Bill Clinton.
The Clintons address how the former president's affair impacted their family in a new docuseries, which tracks how Hillary pushed forward in the face of sexism.
Trump called Starr "a lunatic" and "terrible" in a 1999 interview.
“This is definitely an ‘are you f**king kidding me?’ kinda day.”
The British actor will play the former president while Beanie Feldstein will play Monica Lewinsky.
The Vanity Fair contributor tweeted a hilarious response to a journalist, leading some on Twitter to call her a "queen."
FX announced the former White House intern's involvement in the show this week.
The anti-bullying activist casually mentioned that someone told her to intern at the White House because it would be "amazing" on her resume.
“My view is that there’s ample reason right now for the House Judiciary Committee to begin an impeachment inquiry."
The presidential hopeful said Hillary Clinton can still be a role model even if her husband is not.
Her comment was just three words, and so was this praise: "For. The. Win."