My Story

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I am a storyteller. Know how people say we are made of stardust, I say we are made of stories. I am not the first to think, much less write this, others have said it before, and perhaps more eloquently.
We are all storytellers. We begin telling stories as small children and continue throughout our lives. Story is a constant. I've worked with story for 25 years now. As a former studio executive, a current writing instructor for a network and independent story/career consultant, I'm on a constant quest to understand how to best guide writers to write their stories in a way that leads to a sale in TV or film.
Even in the most progressive parts of the country, women are paying an emotional price for health care access.
I'll never be thrilled about having MS -- or any of the live-altering events that have happened over the last few years. But I am grateful for the person I'm becoming as a result. Someone more patient, more accepting, more aware of things I'd taken for granted before. Is that the lesson the universe wanted me to learn? Maybe one of them.
It's having your desires and dreams since a little girl put on hold. It's lots of tears. It's lots of pain. It's lots of heartache. This is infertility.
These kids were athletic and very good, but they were also a bit short, and very, very thin -- in that way that 15 year old
My three children (two with ADD, one with such an intense ability to focus the rest of us sometimes find it alarming) are now all in their mid-20s. They are successful, happy adults, though whether that occurred because of my influence, or in spite of it, is unclear.
I suppose, I am an accidental filmmaker. For it was by sheer accident that bored of making sales calls in New Delhi, I called up the offices of National Geographic, asking for a job on a Friday and started working with them a week later.
Since you guys are getting older, I wanted to tell you something important about me. For many years I had an eating disorder.
Gratitude, guilt, and what happens when a predator passes you over.
My first diary was probably my favorite, my most cherished of them all. My Hello Kitty Friendly Diary which I wrote in as
One year we did send out a "normal" Christmas card. It was very cute, just the boys at a playground wearing superhero capes. No one was overly excited by this, except for grandma's and aunts who were still questioning that one where we're sitting on a couch, outside, back in 2002.
But even though I feel like I'm getting closer to my 30s, I often get mistaken for an 18-year-old. Such is the dilemma of a woman who looks younger than she is.
"How come your arms are all wrinkled up?" the little girl asks. I've got ichthyosis. It makes my skin look overly dry, scaly and cracked, darker than normal. Much like a snake's skin, but I suppose 'wrinkled' describes it too.
I'm also your worst nightmare. I'm the reason you diet. I'm the reason you go to the gym. I'm your "thinspiration"... because