The spiritual teacher reveals how to deal with difficult times.
Last Sunday I schlepped myself home from a friend’s place at 5:41am. My “I’m going to have one drink!” night turned into
This explains why all of the internet is buzzing about a 13th-century poet.
Francisco Pacheco, "La Inmaculada de Miguel Cid" (Rumi, Quatrain 322, translated by Kabir Helminski) There are conventions
For creative inspiration, you might consider reading some love poetry. The poetry of our beloved Leonard Cohen is always
I did not feel inclined toward mysticism or the occult, so I avoided Eastern teachings and various psychological techniques
There's more to this Sufi mystic than meets the eye.
Khayyam was buried beside a garden wall a few miles outside Nishapur, where pear and peach trees scattered petals on his
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Today more than ever, love is in order. As an Iranian-American Muslim woman of color living with a disability, I grieve for our country given the results of the latest presidential election.
We don't often consider how our collective guilt extends the cruelty and division in the world. Perhaps the polarity between
The "contradiction" between iconic and symbolic signs is of course no accident. As a great poet, Blake would not be chained