In areas where crime is common, the neighborhood watch can bring communities together and provide a sense of security. In the wake of the Zimmerman trial, neighborhood watch members discuss the proper protocol for local watchdog groups. Guest Gretchen Knudsen joins to discuss.
Our present legal system has evolved from legal and social structures that regarded certain categories of human beings as chattel. That immorality has never been officially disowned. It has never been fully and courageously addressed.
All of us contribute to this unequal system of values. When a pretty, blond young woman from a prominent, wealthy family goes missing, we follow the media stories of the search for months. Neighborhoods that do not have such influence are invisible. So, how do we see?
When you have a movie with Stiller, Vaughn and Hill you expect some good fun to occur on screen. The Watch is the exception -- all the talents of these three men cannot save the film.