Nelson Mandela

The president's former personal attorney also details Trump's shocking comments about people of color, and calling the evangelicals' laying of hands on him "bulls**t."
The former Illinois governor said he was a political prisoner and demanded that Cooper help him reform the criminal justice system. The CNN host shut him down.
But the presidential candidate doesn't seem to have publicly mentioned the incident before this month, The New York Times reports.
The Monument Park marker appears alongside those dedicated to baseball greats Babe Ruth and Derek Jeter.
Former Democratic National Committee official Leah Daughtry and her parents discuss how they raised her to be an activist.
The Grammy-winning artist and her husband performed at the Global Citizen Festival honoring Nelson Mandela in South Africa.
The singer is set to honor the late South African leader at the Global Citizen Festival.
President Obama subtly (but passionately) gave Trump shade while giving the Nelson Mandela Annual Lecture.
The former U.S. president spoke in South Africa the day after Trump's summit with Russian President Vladimir Putin.
She and Prince Harry were all smiles as they attended an exhibit honoring Nelson Mandela.