Nelson Mandela

Mandela's life was tangled up in addiction, a battle with cancer and the loss of two young children before she embraced her grandfather's legacy.
Ndileka Mandela claims she was misquoted in an interview about the Duke and Duchess of Sussex.
Zwelivelile "Mandla" Mandela said his grandfather's 1990 release from jail "was the culmination of nearly 350 years of struggle" that had no modern equivalent.
The Duke of Sussex delivered the keynote address at the United Nations on Monday on behalf of Nelson Mandela International Day.
The South African priest, who died at 90, was known for being a moral compass to the world, fighting against apartheid, racial injustice and homophobia.
F.W. de Klerk and Nelson Mandela were awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for their often-tense cooperation in moving South Africa toward democracy.
The president's former personal attorney also details Trump's shocking comments about people of color, and calling the evangelicals' laying of hands on him "bulls**t."
The former Illinois governor said he was a political prisoner and demanded that Cooper help him reform the criminal justice system. The CNN host shut him down.
But the presidential candidate doesn't seem to have publicly mentioned the incident before this month, The New York Times reports.
The Monument Park marker appears alongside those dedicated to baseball greats Babe Ruth and Derek Jeter.