Notre Dame

"Judeo-Christian moral standards are like God’s instruction manual for ... the best operation for human society," said the attorney general.
Investigators said the fire that gutted the Paris cathedral may have been started by a malfunctioning electrical system or smoldering cigarette.
The intimate service in the cathedral's side chapel will be limited to roughly 30 people, media included.
A visit to "Mars," Notre Dame, and a young climate activist meets the Pope in this week's images.
Thousands of bees in three hives atop the famed cathedral will live to buzz another day.
Monsignor Patrick Chauvet, the cathedral's chief priest, wants to build an "ephemeral" building on the Notre Dame's esplanade while construction takes place.
Experts said the ambitious timeline appears insufficient for such a massive operation.
The wealthiest families and companies in France vowed to use their riches to restore the fire-damaged Paris cathedral.
"I love you, Paris," Pinault's wife, actress Salma Hayek, wrote on Instagram.
Although much of the woodwork burned, other parts of the structure survived the massive blaze.
With the cathedral in flames, Parisians prayed, sang and drank in the streets.
YouTube said the descriptions, part of an initiative to fight misinformation, "are triggered algorithmically and our systems sometimes make the wrong call."
In a 600-word letter to the editor of the student newspaper, a woman said her sons should not have to see young women in leggings.
For Native Americans, the explorer's impact was "nothing short of a catastrophe," said John Jenkins, the university's president.
He calls for urgent transition to alternative energy at Vatican meeting.
Arike Ogunbowale drained a 3-pointer from the right corner with 0.1 seconds to play.
Jaime Lara, who taught at Arizona State University, worked at other schools after being defrocked in 1992.
The Catholic university is one of the first high-profile employers to take advantage of a recent Trump administration rule.