Online Dating

Thanks to COVID-19, it's like a jungle out there on the dating apps.
"I often get asked why I was willing to donate to someone I hadn’t known for very long, even though any health complications could’ve jeopardized my Army career."
"The internet can make you feel like you know a person — until they actually show you what they’re capable of."
He posted photos and boasted about the insurrection on Bumble, according to the federal complaint against him.
"Jordan was, perhaps, insensitive and careless in his remarks, but he certainly couldn’t have known the weight of his words or the impact they would have on me."
“If we have sex, we swap fluids, and I don’t trust the vax.”
What's the best way to ask someone if they've been vaccinated?
"The apps are still exactly the same, except I’m not getting laid as a consolation prize for men’s inability to commit."
Like clockwork, I’d crawl back to the app store and search “dating” in the blank white bar.
Social distancing rules are changing the dating game in Australia. Here's what you need to know.