5. Edit or critique later. From what I've learned and from what other people have told me is that it is important to just
As we move into a New Year, here are 13 affirmations I've created that will lead you into a fabulous New Year.
Eat smart. What if you had simple techniques that could be as easy as brushing your teeth? Would it change your level of
A picture is a moment in time... exactly what happens the next moment is unknown. Before and after pictures are used for
Pastor Joel Osteen explains why gratitude is the missing key to success.
There really isn't a class that you can take, or a way to mentally prepare for all of the ups and downs that can occur when dealing with your significant others ex, specifically when it comes to their children.
(Picture: Shutterstock) No matter what happens, remember you ALWAYS have the gift of life to start off your day. So make
If you feel so alone that taking your life seems to be the only answer -- it isn't. Trust me. http://elitedaily.com/life
That fateful evening, Janice's 12-year-old daughter was packing for a school trip when she began to have a stress-related
"It makes your day start such a wonderful way," Harvey says. "See, when you're not grateful, it kind of blocks the rest of
When you do "strike out," don't wallow in frustration or abandon your goal. Instead, view the so-called failure in a totally
"You can't tell big dreams to small-minded people," he says. "You may have a person in your life who you can no longer take
Understanding this important distinction in parenting can have positive, long-term effects on the child, setting her on a
Regardless of the situation -- whether it's bedtime or your child's desire to want an age-inappropriate movie -- this approach
It's a parent's natural instinct to help solve a child's problems or fix their mistakes, but Casserly isn't looking for this