Filmmaker Matthew Puccini said his new short is a "tender, intimate and meaningful" look at a polyamorous romance within the LGBTQ community.
This polyamorous woman invited a third person into her marriage — and her home.
Men and women who date people in open relationships tell us what it's like to be a "secondary."
I never planned on it, but it’s where I am, and more and more it feels like family.
The two female birds don't mind sharing the male -- but they don't like sharing food.
My and my wife's commitment to our marriage doesn’t encompass an exclusion of all other sexual, romantic, or social relationships from our lives.
"There's no possession or jealousy. There is freedom to love and be loved."
Why not push the boundaries a bit for we never know what awaits us on the other side unless we actively seek it out? Adventure is liberating; it feeds the body and nourishes the soul. And what is life without adventure anyways?
"Presenting these relationships as 'just' sex is a powerful way of signaling that these relationships don’t deserve to be taken seriously."
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Polyamory is not always sunshine and lollipops.