"I wasn’t thrilled to learn about her ... She was so beautiful, and, more threateningly, she was local, while I was not."
The expecting mom explained why she’s “hypersensitive” when people attack her about her open relationship with the comedian.
"One of the most fulfilling parts of my polyamory ended up coming from an unexpected person: my metamour."
Let's face it: Everyone gets a little jealous from time to time. But understanding why it's rearing its ugly head in your life is a crucial first step from turning a relationship killer into a relationship builder. HuffPost Canada's senior producer Kait Howell helps you navigate your feelings of jealousy to improve your life.
"I felt like I didn’t 'count' as queer since I presented as a straight, monogamous mom in the South."
Though they were initially insufferable, we were rooting for the Conrads by the end of Season 3 of Netflix's hit show "You."
Appearing on "Red Table Talk," the 20-year-old explained that having more than one intimate partner at a time doesn't mean she has more sex.
"Despite the jealousy, difficulties and triggers, I whole-heartedly welcomed my primary’s new girlfriend into my life."
"I've had lots of different kinds of relationships with lots of different people and all of those experiences taught me how to be the best mom I can be."