Pope Francis

Pope Francis' tweet was intended for very different saints, but the NFL team is thanking him for his divine intervention.
The Secretary of State, who has become increasingly drawn into Trump's impeachment drama, spoke with the pontiff about promoting religious freedom.
Pope Francis made his priorities crystal clear by unveiling a sculpture honoring refugees and migrants at St. Peter's Square.
His faux alternative to Comedy Central's "brutal" Alec Baldwin insult fest will make sure you don't take offense.
The Catholic leader said he hopes the surprise get-together will prove to be "good for the whole world."
Pope Francis has often spoken up in support of migrants and refugees seeking to escape war and poverty around the world.
Pope Francis has moved the Rev. Augustus Tolton into the second stage of the four-part canonization process. There are still no black American Catholic saints.
Legislation to legalize abortion in the South American country was introduced on the International Day of Action for Women’s Health on Tuesday.
The Catholic leader told Mexico's Televisa that he is willing to personally tell the president that it is wrong to build a wall along the U.S.-Mexico border.
Despite restrictions imposed by the Vatican, Theodore McCarrick was allowed to rise in the ranks and play prominent diplomatic roles under Pope Benedict XVI and Pope Francis.
The law from the Vatican provides whistleblower protections for anyone making a report.
The donation will go toward helping those fleeing Central American who have found the U.S. border "closed to them," the Vatican said.
A visit to "Mars," Notre Dame, and a young climate activist meets the Pope in this week's images.
The president said he spoke with the Roman Catholic leader to offer his condolences over the destruction at the iconic Paris cathedral.
The pope expressed his closeness to the people of France as Paris’ iconic centuries-old cathedral was devastated by flames.
The retired pope published an essay pointing to the sexual revolution and flawed church laws as reasons for the Catholic church's abuse scandal.
The pontiff said challenges of migration "must be resolved differently, humanely" and "not with razor wire."
This is the first time the Vatican has passed a law requiring its officials to report sex abuse allegations to police -- or face possible jail time.
A Gallup survey has found that the church's sex abuse scandal is causing Catholics to question their membership.