Pope Francis

"Being for life always means defending it against the threat of firearms, a leading cause of death of children in the U.S.," chided a Vatican spokesperson.
In an interview with an Italian newspaper, Pope Francis made some noteworthy comments about the Catholic church and same-sex civil unions.
Recent decisions and increased mobility issues are fueling rumors that he might be planning to step down.
The House Speaker warned that “this is not just about terminating a pregnancy.”
The Pontiff had a chat with seminarians that took a spiritual turn of another kind.
The Pontiff apologized last month for abuses in Canada’s church-run residential schools but wants to personally apologize to survivors of misguided Catholic missionary zeal.
The Pontiff will likely be seen more often in the wheelchair to promote healing, a Vatican source said.
Pope Francis rejected a visit from Secretary of State Mike Pompeo.
The Pontiff said the Vatican is "still pushing" for the meeting "even if I fear that Putin cannot and does not want to have this meeting at this moment.”
Pope Francis has made an Easter plea for peace in Ukraine and in other wars in the world.