Prayer and Meditation

And "mayest all quid pro quos be thine," scoffed Kellyanne Conway's husband in response to a prayer circle in the White House.
Progressive Christians across the country are asking Congress to shed the "light of truth" on Trump.
Atheists, humanists and other nontheists can be barred from giving opening invocations before the Pennsylvania House, an appeals court has decided.
The former Arkansas governor suggested the lack of thoughts and prayers is the real reason why mass shootings keep happening.
Trump stokes racism that "leads to violence," the ex-congressman says as the president offers "thoughts and prayers" in tardy tweet.
The network is reportedly shutting down and its hosts “will no longer be the public faces of the N.R.A.”
The Virginia pastor wrote that the White House called just before the president's arrival and asked him to pray for Trump as part of "Pray for President Trump Day."
Rev. David Platt said it was not his intent "to endorse the president, his policies, or his party" with the prayer.
The president "finally said something honest at the National Prayer Breakfast," quipped one person.
Once you've treated victims of a school shooting, you can't stomach "thoughts and prayers" anymore.
Franklin Graham and Robert Jeffress defend Trump after he was criticized for not reciting the statement at former President George H.W. Bush’s funeral.
During the funeral service for former President George H.W. Bush, President Donald Trump sat out the Apostles’ Creed — and everyone noticed.
The gun lobby reportedly cut out free coffee at its headquarters as money runs tight.
Ex-Trump aide says people need to pray more. Rabbi counters, "Isn't praying what the people in the synagogue were doing?"
"Thoughts and prayers" are only followed by more bad news, Jeffrey Myers wrote to his congregation just months ago.
"Don't send money.... thoughts and prayers should suffice."
Xindong Hao was in town with his family to visit Kansas City's International House of Prayer.
“I’m going to need more than some thoughts and prayers, because our whole lives have been shattered," said shooting survivor Selene San Felice.