Queer New World: Brooklyn Drag Culture

Latonya Rent, Wendy Ballsdrop, Dildo Swinton, Sheefa Loffa-Sofa, Betty Betty Nice: as ridiculous as some of these names may seem, they're the names by which we introduce, express and promote ourselves, by which we operate and refer to each other, by which we are fondly known and even loved.
Finally, Mr(s) Williamsburg functioned as the last featured event, a round-robin, nine-week tournament inclusive of all forms
Next week will be the final installment in "Queer New World" and revisit each artist and performer involved in this series
In "A Queer New World," The Huffington Post spent the past six months exploring the evolution of drag culture in New York. As the series culminates, we're joined by our favorite artists and queens to discuss just what this new world looks like.
Queer doesn’t mean homosexual. How do your parties create and inform a space for radical queer artistic expression? With
The Huffington Post: How did you get your start in the drag world? Mocha Lite: I can definitely say I've always been interested
Describe the drag scene and community in Brooklyn -- how is it different from drag culture elsewhere? There are so many venues
With the recent closing of Sugarland Nightclub, Greenpoint's LuLu's has joined the round-robin rotation for the nine-week
I don't think my aesthetic has changed much, but I have refined it. My makeup now is more about accentuating my face and
You're involved with "Sez Me," a web series that aims to break down the stigma of children being exposed to the LGBT community