Racial Inequality

Whipping was a form of punishment in Delaware until 1952, used disproportionately against Black citizens.
The ice cream bar's current moniker will change as the company behind it commits to racial equality.
If you want to be an ally, the talks these couples are are having in their relationships about police brutality, George Floyd and white privilege are incredibly enlightening.
The commissioner is backtracking from the football league's original stance that players should not be allowed to peacefully protest during the national anthem.
After days of unrest, the white officer who knelt on the Black man’s neck was charged with third-degree murder. Floyd’s family wants the other officers arrested, too.
Athletics facilitate a "separate admissions system" for white wealthy students that federal officials say they want to end.
“Maybe I haven’t been as strong on this issue as I could be,” the Vermont senator admitted.
And black adults were three times as likely as white ones to have close family in jail or prison for over a year, per a study from Cornell University and Fwd.us.
Colin Kaepernick is the new face of Nike and conservatives are burning the brand’s clothing because of it.