A Black security guard told a student not to call him the n-word. Then he got fired under a zero tolerance policy.
The Latina actor has frequently found herself in hot water for statements she's made about the Black community.
After she was called out for singing along to a slur, many people found the actor's initial response lacking.
The New York governor said the phrase "n****r w*ps" on the air, citing a New York Times article.
“But did you paint your nose and your hands brown?" they asked the Liberal leader.
Frank Nucera of New Jersey spewed racist vitriol and called Donald Trump "the last hope for white people."
After watching the video, I wondered, "was that what Marie really thought of me?"
Naga Munchetty spoke out against Trump tweets in July that targeted four congresswomen of color.
The meltdown shows he "can’t stand respecting brown immigrant woman’s power over him," Rep. Pramila Jayapal (D-Wash.) said.
HuffPost talked to a few people familiar with communes about the myth of these "post-racial" societies.
The "Saturday Night Live" alum is the latest to comment following the show's decision to fire Shane Gillis for racist and homophobic comments.
At a campaign rally in New Mexico, President Donald Trump tried to sway Hispanic voters, even though only 25% approve of the job he is doing.
Schneider, a former "SNL" star, tweeted that the Asian-slurring Gillis was a victim of "cultural unforgiveness."
The comedian had used an Asian slur in comments about the 2020 presidential hopeful.
The Democratic presidential candidate is inviting Shane Gillis to meet with him after the comedian's racist Asian jokes surfaced online.
Administrators said they won't take action against the students for their racist photo, pointing to freedom of expression.
The comedian says he's happy to apologize to "anyone who's actually offended by anything I've said."