"I confront a stream of anxiety-inducing trigger statements every time I log on, a sudden feeling of impotence and voicelessness."
Eliminating abortion is a "preeminent priority" for American bishops, Archbishop José Gomez said.
The overall number of hate crimes also rose to a 10-year high, even as fewer law enforcement agencies bothered to report their statistics.
Two judges rejected claims from an anti-affirmative action group that accuses the university of imposing a “racial penalty” on Asian Americans.
“For a guy who hates ‘s**thole countries,' Trump really likes to jack their style," the "Daily Show" host said.
Magnolia State voters accepted a new state flag design to replace the old Confederate battle emblem.
As a mother, how can I know who sees my son as human and who does not?
Agency employees signed on to the most vocal condemnation from within the government of the president's orders yet.
How has President Donald Trump shifted the fight for racial equality in the U.S.? Emory University Professors Carol Anderson and Andra Gillespie and HuffPost’s own Rowaida Abdelaziz reflect on the effect of a Trump presidency.