In a racist segment, the show "Mi Barrio" mocked the Korean language and associated BTS with North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un.
“Folks will keep dying if we don’t fully address racial injustice and inequities in our country,” the vice president said after a police officer killed the young Black man.
Minnesota authorities claim the police officer who fatally shot Daunte Wright during a traffic stop mistakenly used her firearm.
Hank Azaria said he wants to apologize to “every single Indian person in this country” for voicing Apu on “The Simpsons” for nearly three decades.
On his show, Tucker Carlson refused to apologize for promoting a white supremacy conspiracy.
The Duke of Edinburgh and late husband of Queen Elizabeth notoriously and repeatedly made offensive statements to and about people of color.
Hundreds of protestors clashed with police near Minneapolis after an officer killed a Black motorist during a traffic stop.
A police officer who pepper-sprayed an Army lieutenant during a traffic stop has been fired.
Acosta thinks Carlson needs more "Ks" in his name after the Fox News host plugged the inflammatory white supremacist "replacement theory."