From India to Thailand to Jerusalem, Muslims around the world marked the end of the holy month of Ramadan with food, family and festivities.
“When you first come to Congress, I don’t care what you do and what you say," Rep. André Carson said. "If you’re a Muslim, it’s going to get exaggerated."
Trump held a Ramadan dinner at the White House just last week but without any Muslim Americans.
Tears of joy as gay marriage is made legal in Taiwan, Ramadan sights and an adorable baby giraffe round out this week's top images.
Mosques across the country are holding shooter trainings and hiring armed guards to protect their congregations during their busiest time of the year.
Muslims are among the country's most racially varied religious groups, so their holidays are too.
The tournament's start coincides with Eid al-Fitr and the end of the holy month of fasting.
The inmates claim they've lost an average of more than 20 pounds each during Ramadan because of the prison's policies.
Ramadan has fallen during a period of unbelievably long days the past few years.
Some of America's largest Muslim organizations say they weren't invited to the Ramadan celebration.
The president had previously broken a decadeslong tradition of hosting the dinner at the White House.
The predawn meal is a festive social gathering in some Middle Eastern cultures, but many American Muslims can't relate.
Often as she works, one son helps chop wood while her other children study.
The men asked to switch their meal time so that they could participate in a Ramadan tradition.
I will miss the times when we were at the mosque for Taraweeh, the nightly Ramadan prayers, and lost ourselves in beauty of the recitation.
Canada's Prime Minister said the event was all about inclusivity.
The long month of fasting, prayer, and reflection has come to a close.