Rape Culture

Rush Limbaugh: "no means yes if you know how to spot it"
Robert Regan said to voters back in March that he tells his daughters if they are ever raped, to "enjoy it."
Ohio state Rep. Jean Schmidt called pregnancies from rape an “opportunity” for victims as she defended her anti-abortion bill.
There is a grim historical precedent for what Russian forces are doing, Harvard’s Dara Kay Cohen tells HuffPost.
The 19-year-old South Carolina man was charged with two separate sexual assaults and has violated his GPS ankle monitor several times. He's not in jail.
"Natalya" detailed her alleged rape by two Russian soldiers in an interview with The Times of London.
“If I have an abortion, it is no business of my brother, my brother-in-law, his wife or anyone else in my family,” a Democratic state lawmaker said.
Robert "RJ" Regan is running for state representative in Michigan. One of his daughters previously asked the public not to vote for him.
The California police force caused a national uproar after a sexual assault survivor was matched to a property crime through a DNA sample in her rape kit.
The San Francisco police crime lab's use of a sexual assault victim’s DNA against her in an unrelated case is being criticized by law enforcement, legal experts, lawmakers and advocates.