Religion and Beliefs

Hundreds of Christian leaders have signed a letter rejecting Christian nationalism and conspiracy theories.
Alex Garcia, a Honduran immigrant, has been living inside a Missouri church since 2017 to avoid deportation.
Pastor Jim Conrad's Georgia church was expelled from the Southern Baptist Convention for accepting a queer couple and their kids as members.
Archbishop Joseph Naumann also commended a priest who denied Communion to President Joe Biden two years ago.
White evangelicals and Protestants of color are more likely to support religious exemptions to the coronavirus vaccine, a new survey finds.
Thanks to Pope Francis, Sister Nathalie Becquart can likely vote at the next synod of bishops in 2022.
Dioceses received taxpayer-backed aid while sitting on over $10 billion in cash, short-term investments or other readily available funds, an investigation found.
The breakfast, a Washington tradition, went entirely virtual this year because of the coronavirus pandemic.
Increasing abortion access is about defending people's religious liberty, faith-based abortion rights activists say.
Some Christian leaders have spoken out to denounce what they saw as the misuse of their faith to justify a violent attack.