Religion and Beliefs

The Supreme Court ruled in favor of a public school football coach who sought to pray on the field after games.
The decision is the latest in a line of rulings from the Supreme Court that have favored religion-based discrimination claims.
In an interview with an Italian newspaper, Pope Francis made some noteworthy comments about the Catholic church and same-sex civil unions.
Lauren Boebert made her remarks toward President Joe Biden at the Family Camp Meeting event at Charis Christian Center in Colorado Springs, Colorado.
Don’t look now, but the Supreme Court seems poised to strike another blow at the wall between church and state.
On Charles Darwin's birthday, physic Max Tegmark joins us to discuss why we believe there a conflict between science and religion and whether there really is one.
The truly frightening issue, said the Watergate journalist, is that Flynn is exactly the kind of extremist authoritarian Donald Trump embraces.
Trump's former national security adviser called for the nation to have a single religion.
The far-right lawmaker targeted the Catholics for Choice organization.
"Totally normal stuff," scoffed the anti-Trump group Meidas Touch.