Religion and Politics

The lawsuits are targeting a "conscience protections" rule that allows health care workers to refuse medical care and services based on moral or religious beliefs.
Evangelicals and Trump use the Bible to oppress others and call it "greatness."
The measure now moves to the governor, who has not indicated if she will sign or veto it.
The denomination's moves signal a slow shift towards welcoming queer Christians.
I'm not going to show up at church on Sunday, talk about God with a bunch of people just like me, and pretend that makes me a good Christian, or even a good person.
It is middle America’s faith that puts them solidly in Donald Trump’s camp, and nothing other than a faith argument will bring about change.
Pope Francis is hoping that the message of peace the children delivered during World War I will appeal to Catholics today.
Trump and Pence represent two troubling trends in American Christianity.
That doesn't mean giving in. It doesn't mean going along. It doesn't mean silence, passivity, or withdrawal. It means framing
It will come as no surprise that Thomas Jefferson was criticized in his own day for his views of religion, including his belief in the freedom of religion.
Last weekend's anti-human, Muslim ban in the USA and the ensuing massacre of six Muslim men by a white-nationalist in Quebec
The "non-preferentialist" position as constitutional scholars call it was supported then by American presidents, Congress
In reward for their defiance, the text imagines that God gave the midwives houses. "G‑d bestowed goodness upon the midwives
Mosques are joining the religious effort to shield undocumented immigrants from deportation.