Religion and Sexuality

Abstaining from sex is perfectly fine, but the sooner you tell your new partner you're celibate or a virgin, the better.
Francis said the shortage of priests is an "enormous problem."
The desire for sex and the desire for a religious life can be two tremendously strong pulls. One club member says of her younger self: "I want to be this church kid. I want to follow God." That never does stop the hormones, though.
As a gay Christian, I mourn for the pain the church has caused the LGBTQIA community.
Women shouldn't have to choose between liberty and safety -- we should have both unconditionally.
Divorce means many crappy things but more than anything else it means goodbyes. You say goodbye to the family you once had and the plans you once made and the future you thought you had and very often you also say goodbye to sex. Not always. And perhaps not forever.
Pluralism has become the central uniting factor in much of our society, yet I wonder if many people have considered its implications. If pluralism truly means ALL views are welcome to the table, is that the best means of securing freedom and tolerance? And if not "all", what authority do we appeal to for the boundary?
DeVon Franklin explains his theory.
Meagan Good says it was an incredibly eye-opening experience.
As the longest election cycle in the history of voting heads into the home stretch, it seemed like a good time to offer this refresher course on what the Bible actually says and doesn't say about LGBT people -- along with a reminder about what religious liberty is and isn't.
When we refer to bigotry against the LGBT community, where exactly does it from? Opposition to gay marriage has traditionally been a mainstay on the Republican platform, which has a predominantly Christian base.
Certainly all people should have a voice in a democracy. Demonizing and oppressing other groups with whom we disagree to get what we want, however, is not godly; it's certainly not Christian. These groups have learned to manipulate their constituency, and to play on their fears to raise money and support
While religion in the past has taught us how to live ethical lives and be moral people, it seems as though society is going through some sort of transition. When that which used to keep us safe begins to perpetuate violence, it is time to reevaluate these systems. The problems and promises of religions are most worthy of thought and consideration.