Religion and Sports

Tebowing is now a treat that goes well with mustard.
Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson is quick to credit his success to divine intervention. With the Super Bowl just
Protestants, at 45 percent, are more likely than other religious groups to believe God plays a role in determining the winner
Former New York Jets running back Curtis Martin didn't always wear the jersey number 28. But when he did adopt the number
The 2014 World Cup has already been full of heartbreaks and victories. And per Pope Francis' example, we aren't taking any
Every arena in the NBA has a room reserved for pregame chapel in which interested players on both teams can, save for the
Carl Dambman has spent years preparing for Sochi, traveling from his Seattle home to athletic competitions in the United
In the early-mid 20th Century, Jewish athletes figured prominent in American sports. Now they're making a comeback, but what accounts for their resurgence?
She is confident that as people see the photos, they will become unofficial soldiers in her "Unicorn Army," but warns potential
Watch the latest video at There will be no more post-game praying for this Michigan high school football
“I believe the Quebec federation has the right to make its own rules,” said Premier Pauline Marois. “It’s not bound by the
I live my day to day life in a home, church and workplace where my status as a woman married to a woman is taken for granted. So it's not that we wanted to be on camera at a baseball game a couple of years ago, but it bothered me that we wouldn't even be considered a possibly romantic couple, simply because we are both women.
The strange and rare reality of Tebow -- whom the New York Jets quite literally could not give away -- is that the media love to cover him, to criticize him, but perhaps most importantly, to try to make sense of him.
In the New York magazine article, Rivera's goes deep into speaking of the influence of his Christian Faith, including the
Christians used to be the prime authority on these matters in American society. Now the media and Internet do not have as much of a stake in maintaining traditional boundaries and have instead leveled the playing field completely. Religion can mean everything and anything.
In the evolving American consciousness, where there's growing support for illegal immigrants who want U.S. citizenship and for gays who want wedlock, the same impulse apparently does not recognize that the word redskins is reprehensible and offensive to (most) Native Americans.
"Imagine 10,000 men, fathers, sons, brothers and Christ-followers, coming together to worship God and learn more about the life of true adventure He intends for us as men." That's an actual description of one such event. If you're like me, you're very, very nervous to read any further.