Religious Books

"We connect to each other and to God through our shared brokenness."
No matter the color of their hats, the four Thomases were pivotal figures in English history, as they oversaw the country’s
Feinberg decided to see the experience as an opportunity to rediscover a cornerstone Christian virtue: joy. Through participating
"The Boy Who Came Back From Heaven" is part of a growing and popular sub-genre of Christian literature referred to as "heavenly
If I were to choose one book to give to my friends who haven't yet grasped Jesus' message of enemy-love and nonviolence, I would give them A Farewell to Mars.
Many of us have walked the road of our tradition to where it currently ends, and we've come to believe that the road isn't finished yet.
Nothing says summer more than a trip to the beach; and nothing says beach more than a good book. The warm weather and calm
But a decade is a long time for a trend, and as religion publishers prepare for this month’s BookExpo America, where booksellers
I think what matters is that we've got to continue learning how to pray. The best way to learn is to do it. I wrote Are You Running With Me, Jesus when I was 42 years old. Next June 8 I will be 91. I'm still learning.
Allow me a couple of minutes to share with you some of the best religion books of 2013 that I have encountered.
The book excavates what can really be known about Jesus the person and the context in which he lived. Aslan feels passionate
And yet that best, most educated guess may be enough to, at the very least, question our most basic assumptions about Jesus
I recently purchased the book Kind Little Rivka after a quick review of the book's title and description. It seemed harmless. It turns out this book was glorifying an underage marriage -- and I was shocked by its content and images.
Documenting two years of following Phish and the Insane Clown Posse to the farthest reaches of his sanity and soul, Rabin's new book is a chronicle of repentance from the sin of the Golden Cliche.
Almost any poll of regular church goers will reveal that their favorite book in the New Testament is the Gospel of John. Yet, I suspect that if these devotees of John's Gospel were introduced to the world of Johannine scholarship, they would be both shocked and angered by contemporary insights into this treasured book.
Pub Theology sessions create a space for people of faith or no faith to gather and learn from each other, while enjoying a good, (preferably local) craft brew. And as we sit down from someone of a different perspective or religious tradition what we often discover is that many of our stereotypes simply aren't true.
In some cases, these new organizations love that conflict. When J Street came about, there was a strong effort to marginalize
A boy who changes into a giant insect. Talking jaguars who debate the philosophical implications of hunting -- and then go hunting anyway. A girl who runs away and becomes the leader of a group of monsters. That's the Kafka my kids discovered and made me realize the scariness, and the beauty, that had been there all along.
Q. Why has the church not dealt with this issue more? A: I’d say, “Honey, please come home. I miss you. Daddy loves you more