Reproductive Health

The disorder — which causes intense cramps, painful sex, fertility issues and more — can be mistaken for other problems like endometriosis.
Sex educators share tips for making conversations about sexually transmitted infections less embarrassing for parents and kids.
The Democratic senator from New Jersey explained how he would protect access to safe, legal abortion if he were elected president in 2020.
Title X provides federal dollars for health programs to detect, treat and prevent STIs. Obria Medical Clinic tells its patients that abstinence, not condoms, is the way to do that.
Rewire.News, a nonprofit media outlet dedicated to reproductive health and justice, laid off five employees this week.
The Health and Human Services Department notified clinics it will begin enforcing a ban on abortion referrals and on federal funding for reproductive care.
Many Black women who can afford to pay for an abortion are still denied the freedom to do so, and not due to an abortion ban. Here's how.
Reproductive health care and rights organizations are not backing down in the face of nationwide abortion bans.
The 9th Circuit ruled that the limit on Title X funding for women's health care can take effect while court cases go forward.
"My first day at the center was a trial by fire ... every bone in my body begged me to get up and leave."
“In a time when too many states across the nation are taking a step backward, Illinois is taking a giant step forward for women’s health,” he said.
The Reproductive Health Act removes decades-old provisions requiring spousal consent, waiting periods and criminal penalties for doctors who perform abortions.
Human Rights Watch hails the 'liberating" global breakthrough.
The Reproductive Health Act came in direct response to a spate of anti-abortion legislation that has passed in states around the country.
The 2020 presidential candidate announced he would create a White House Office of Reproductive Freedom during his first day in office.
The South Bend, Indiana, mayor running for president did not take the bait Sunday at his Fox News town hall when asked about his opinion on abortion rights.
The 2020 presidential candidate's push for reproductive health legislation comes as Republican-controlled states continue passing anti-abortion bills.
A reference referring to the need for UN bodies and donors to give timely “sexual and reproductive health” assistance to survivors of sexual violence in conflict was cut.
The American delegation has reportedly taken issue with the proposal's references to reproductive and sexual health.
We're doing a disservice to all children when we leave LGBTQ+ kids out of sex education at school.