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There are a few fundamental things that lead to success: 1) Money... at least some. Everyplace costs something to live, even
Today, companies like International Living have hired on-the-ground correspondents like us who work diligently to get updated
Though busy, Helene still makes time for the things she enjoys. Related Articles The World's Best Places to Retire In 2017
For us and the other expats we know here, Mexico still qualifies as our #1 choice for enjoying a happier, healthier, more
The Lisbon area, including the seaside towns of Cascais and Estoril, is a favorite with expats. Lisbon offers all the amenities
Two decades ago, Panama was homologous enough that my naively generalized recommendation wasn't as misleading as it would be today. In the past 20 years, Panama has developed into very different regions...each of which makes more or less sense for today's retiree looking to reinvent his life overseas.
Today, 18 years and a half-dozen starting-a-business-in-a-foreign-country-from-nothing experiences later, I can explain. Someone who hasn't done it isn't going to understand, but it's just the way it goes.
When my wife, Suzan, and I first became serious about moving abroad, one of the first things we did to prepare was take some basic Spanish lessons at the local community college.
If you're hesitating making an international move because you have children, you're making a mistake. That, however, is not to say that raising kids in another country is easy.
In Hua Hin, Thailand, a retiree's monthly budget of $610 includes a weekly massage for $8, health insurance, and a round of golf. It also covers eating out at least twice a day.
As we write this, a polar vortex is swooping down from the Arctic and clutching much of the upper U.S. in its bitter embrace.
When I began paying attention to Colombia, in 2008, the country was maligned, misunderstood, and mistrusted for two reasons -- Pablo Escobar and the terrorist group known as FARC.
A friend recently shared an article with us about a fully renovated 15th-century chateau that sits on 180 acres in the French countryside. You can rent it for $2,800 a month.
Six things I wish someone had told me before I bought my first piece of foreign property or opened my first offshore company.
Since the Vietnam War, Canada has been seen as a beacon of refuge among Americans. However, life in Canada comes with a significant drawback: Canadian winters look like blizzard scenes on Star Wars' ice planet Hoth.
Winter is coming, and 'tis the season, as they say. Just about the time the snow starts to fly back in the good 'ol USA is when we get that annual urge to count our blessings that we are fortunate enough to live and work abroad.
Over the past two decades, my husband Lief Simon and I have built a real estate investment portfolio that today includes more than two dozen pieces of property in 13 countries.
At International Living, we show potential expats where to go -- and how to get there. From climate, to cost of living, to quality of life, we pinpoint opportunity in destinations throughout the world -- from Latin America to Southeast Asia to Europe.
We've been living and writing about retiring overseas for more than 15 years now. We've met thousands of expats and potential expats, and one misconception about moving abroad keeps coming up, even among some who have already made the move.
Before you opt out of a planned community, take a minute to answer these nine questions honestly.