Robert Champion Case

Former FAMU President James Ammons suspended the band indefinitely and former music director Julian White was ousted in the
The university's lawyers have denied both allegations, saying Champion, 26, voluntarily participated in the hazing which or 407-650-6361. ___ "What was done was cruel and it's wrong," Champion's mother said. "If we're
Prosecutors had been weighing an upgrade for months but, Akbar said, they believe their case against Deas has been bolstered
In another incident, this time involving a marching band, 13 members of Florida A&M University's famed "Marching 100" were
Robinson addressed students at the memorial Monday. “If anyone thinks we can afford to not take these matters seriously they
In a week that saw mid-Atlantic and Northeast coastal towns recovering from storm damage, and the reintroduction of grassroots
Interim President Larry Robinson delivered details of his national anti-hazing plan to the Bethel Missionary Baptist Church
"I really ask for your forgiveness for what happened," Hollis said. "And if there's anything I can do, anything my family
So who's to blame for the death of Champion? The answer: Robert Champion and his parents. When news broke that FAMU wanted
Florida A&M University (FAMU) has just filed a legal pleading that exemplifies the moral bankruptcy and the shirking of accountability by elites that has become emblematic of the last ten years.
Want to take classes at Florida A&M University? You'll need to sign this anti-hazing pledge first. James Ammons stepped down
The director of special events at Florida A&M University has been arrested and charged with eight counts of fraud related
"It's a respect thing, you know," one defendant told police. "Well, he was wanting to do it all ... all season." Champion
The U.S. Department of Agriculture found some employees in the federally subsidized Marching 100 band were paid too much
Kirby had urged administrators at FAMU handle the suspension of the band the way the school handled the suspension of the
A trial to charge the 11 marching band members allegedly involved in Champion’s death is set for October. However, given
Too often when considering injustice, we want perfect victims -- the victim who did nothing to provoke others, whose moral code remains unblemished. But if justice were the privilege of the perfect, there wouldn't be much need for it.
I've heard many an excuse for hazing. It builds character. It creates unbreakable bonds and "memories" you all will laugh about for the rest of your life. I don't think it's all that funny. In fact, the entire premise leaves me pretty sick.
The AP reports 11 defendants were charged with hazing resulting in death, a felony, and misdemeanor offenses that all together