Salma Hayek

The actor revealed on Instagram that she's never had Botox, but that she had been "thinking maybe it’s time" when a commenter told her it was "not needed."
The model reportedly told the judge that she had met the defendant, but said she could be fair and impartial.
"I rubbed it like the Aladdin lamp," the "Like a Boss" star told Jimmy Fallon on "The Tonight Show."
Blake Lively, Hugh Jackman and Salma Hayek ensured that the troll was fully trolled on his birthday.
The beauty biz comedy promises to "get ugly" — and one fierce punch is thrown.
The actress celebrated her body confidence with a fiery no-makeup beach pic.
The "Frida" star and her husband, François-Henri Pinault, have a daughter named Valentina.
The Duchess of Sussex asked Hayek to be on the cover of the September issue of Vogue UK.
"I love you, Paris," Pinault's wife, actress Salma Hayek, wrote on Instagram.
Three of Harvey Weinstein's most outspoken accusers took to the Oscars stage to say "time's up."