"All of this pearl clutching feels especially ironic, perhaps even disrespectful, in light of White's own approach to comedy."
"I didn’t expect submission to heal me, but it has."
"We need to talk about sex, we need to share our stories, and then we need to see those stories reflected back to us."
"My plan was to honor the victims by visiting as many sites as I could where they were either last seen or where their bodies were found, placing flowers and saying a little prayer."
The "Bad Guy" singer said violent sex videos warped her perspective on healthy relationships.
Glenn Youngkin's victory showed that parents can be a winning coalition for Republicans. Next up: the midterms.
This ritual can improve your sex life, whether you're kinky or not.
"I was a different person now. I couldn’t go back to dresses, heels and lingerie."
Lily James and Sebastian Stan transform into Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee in the newly released trailer.
Parents get real about postpartum sex, including leaky boobs, vaginal dryness, vibrators and so much more.
"If I can hire a massage therapist to help relieve my back pain ... and a mechanic to service my car, I should be able to legally hire a man to have sex with me."
Menstrubation stands for menstruation and masturbation — and it could be key to making your periods more bearable
Writer Temi Wilkey and breakout star Dua Saleh discuss how Season 3 of the Netflix series tells Black queer stories through a nuanced lens.
“My wife had to stay out of the exhibit with my sleeping son, so I wanted to capture a lot of video,” the videographer explained. “Then this magic happened.”
"Who has the right to access your body? To touch, probe, view images of your flesh? It is only flesh, after all. But it is also you."
"It was the single most empowering thing I’ve done in my sex work career."
One audience member's unexpected response caused the "Late Show" host to walk off the set.
No regrets. None. Zero. Nil. Zip. Nada. Zilch. Nothing at all.
"Thousands of creators like me who have spent time building up our fan base, building up OnlyFans’ reputation, would be left with almost nothing."