Two Indiana fishermen got a secret toy surprise after one of them caught a blue catfish on the Ohio River last week.
"She and I were connected in a give and take of pleasure that was unlike anything I’d ever experienced before. And yet the more I thought about it, the more I wondered if she was right."
"On our second sext date, when Étienne revealed that he wanted me to penetrate him with my dildo, I was ecstatic."
The "Light Switch" singer also described himself as "really horny" and divulged the first song he masturbated to in a candid interview with Bustle.
Hydrating oils, versatile water-based lubricants and long-lasting gels to increase your comfort and enhance your pleasure.
“I realized that if I am brave enough to let people watch me enjoying sex, then I don’t have shame for anything else.”
A brand of thin and stretchy single-use latex panties called Lorals is catering to people who want to feel both pleasure and protection during cunnilingus.
Like many great things in life, sex has a not-so-glamorous side. Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs) are the uncomfortable (and sometimes painful and ugly) side effect of getting your freak on.
"If nudity is what you are coming for... you are in for a long boring night," the "Modern Family" actor said.
The "How I Met Your Father" star told Women’s Health that the photos you see on magazine covers involve makeup and angles — and she's no exception.