Women in global box office hits are more likely to be portrayed as sexual objects, according to an analysis from the group founded by actor Geena Davis.
The 2020 presidential candidate allegedly told Kimberly Watkins she "wouldn't want to continue working as hard."
The girl's mother told local media that the teacher called the girl "dirty" and kicked her out of class.
One Twitter user slammed the British news agency by pointing out the star was nominated for a Golden Globe when she was 12.
The Daily Male Twitter account imagines an internet where male celebrities are objectified like women.
The president of the United States deploys the insult to tar women who don't bend to his will.
The actress, who starred as Tom Cruise’s girlfriend in the 1986 original, says she feels "absolutely secure in my skin."
Is there no limit to what rich white guys can get away with?
Chief Carla Provost criticized "completely inappropriate" posts from agents in the group, though she reportedly participated in the group last year.
Turns out, Chris Morgan has made lots of videos where he confronts people who supposedly made fun of his height.
We went to Target, Walgreens and CVS to find out which "pink" products come at a higher price.
State Rep. Robert Foster’s campaign director told journalist Larrison Campbell they would only go forward with the interview if a male journalist was present.
Midfielder Alexandra Long and her fellow Women's World Cup champions made it clear who rules soccer.
The Buddhist leader also rehashed past controversial comments about refugees in his latest BBC interview.
Today, the world's most accomplished pop star provokes ire and indifference. Where did she — or we — go wrong?
The male United Methodist Church pastors said they felt "furious" and "ashamed" after reading about the misogyny female pastors deal with.
A new study found that 60% of male managers said they’re uncomfortable working closely with women.
The senator and presidential contender spoke at a Fox News town hall event about sexism in the 2020 election.
The actress spoke Tuesday at the House’s first meeting on the Equal Rights Amendment in 36 years.
Stephen Moore taunted his ex-wife while cheating on her and has made countless sexist remarks. He thinks it's "character assassination" to bring that up.