Sheryl Sandberg

The Facebook executive's donation is directly motivated by "draconian" abortion laws passed by GOP legislators, including in Alabama, Georgia and Missouri.
Company executives, particularly Mark Zuckerberg and Sheryl Sandberg, have not exactly been forthcoming about the many controversies of 2018.
Her actions at Facebook are indefensible. But mistakes are a privilege women don't enjoy.
The former first lady did not hold back when sharing her thoughts on Sheryl Sandberg's "lean in" method.
The Facebook executive is caught in the controversy over the social media giant's response to the liberal billionaire's criticisms.
From public takedowns over racism at the company to scrutiny from a panel of international lawmakers, Facebook can't catch a break.
The chief operating officer denies that she and Mark Zuckerberg "weren't interested in knowing the truth, or we wanted to hide what we knew."
The committee set out an empty chair for Google to show their displeasure.
Adding more white women to the top of the tech world won't solve the industry's problems. It'll entrench them.
We've been burned many times before. Why should we trust Facebook again?
The tech giant is standing behind its use of forced arbitration, a practice criticized for silencing women.
"Crying isn’t sign of weakness, it’s simply an emotional reaction to work and life.”
Is she worried about backlash? No. “F**k them,” the feminist icon said during a conference on women's empowerment.
The Facebook executive is hearing people say this is why you shouldn't hire women. Actually this is why you should.
Bereavement leave needs to be more than three days off.