The Air Force’s updated policy sets new grooming and uniform standards for members who wear turbans, hijabs and beards for religious reasons.
Harris County Sheriff’s Department Deputy Sandeep Dhaliwal made history in 2015 for wearing his articles of faith while in uniform.
Police in Tracy, California, say they have no evidence suggesting the killing of Parmjit Singh is a hate crime, but will continue investigating.
Parmjit Singh died at the scene after he was attacked while taking a walk in Tracy, California, police say.
Gov. Andrew Cuomo says the new law makes it "crystal clear to anyone who may still have doubts that New York has zero tolerance for bigotry of any kind."
When I met my husband, I wasn’t making a conscious decision to be with someone who wasn’t Indian or Sikh.
“Today, I feel that my country has embraced my Sikh heritage, and I will be forever grateful for this opportunity,” Harpreetinder Singh Bajwa said.
“I feel fortunate to be able to express all these aspects of my identity, and will continue to work toward ensuring the same freedom for others.”
“Sikhs in India and in the diaspora globally have faced discrimination and persecution due to their religiously mandated Turban,” said one advocate.
"I'm ignorant to a lot of s**t," the "Rel" actress said in her second attempt at an apology.
Andrew Ramsey pulled the man's beard and tried to steal his turban, according to police and a witness.
Indian names are not meant to be changed or erased just to make white people feel more comfortable.
Jasmine Kaur's poem for Sikh women was altered without her consent, resulting in far-reaching discussions about race, gender and anger.
The Department of Education is embracing a definition of Judaism as both a religion and an ethnicity. Other groups have asked for the same treatment.
Union City Police Chief Darryl McAllister wrote he was "disgusted, embarrassed, dejected and hurt" to learn his son was a suspect in the assault in Manteca, California.
The attackers reportedly shouted "Go back to your country" in what the Stanislaus County sheriff is investigating as a hate crime.
NJ 101.5 FM is investigating the conservative hosts' incendiary comments.
Nearly half of Sikh or Muslim survey participants claim they've experienced verbal harassment referring to their race, ethnicity or religion.
The 20-year-old said she believes her presence on the force brings visibility to the Sikh community.
Arjan Singh Bhullar is the UFC's first Sikh and first fighter of Indian descent.