“It’s been 32 years of learning how to communicate," the twins told WSJ. Magazine.
"My 9-year-old just referred to her two younger brothers as her 'sequels.'"
Here's to all the bickering, bonding and hijinks.
The bride-to-be says she and her sister will both wear white.
I feel like that isn't fair, as it will probably lead to their financial ruin. What is wrong with my sister? My parents have done nothing but try to help and support her!
Guesses about Human Evolution Last week a student asked me if it was a bad thing for brothers to share a bed while growing
“I couldn’t believe she was here. I still can’t believe it.”
Adult Mistakes are Corrected by the Young Our Little Sister is a subtle meditation on self-discovery for all four sisters
If you're lucky enough to have sisters -- you may have asked yourself what's different between a sister and a girlfriend? A lot. After sharing more than five decades with my three sisters I consider myself an expert. Here are 11 things that are uniquely special about sisters.
Her sister Meredith always wanted to be an actress but ended up going to law school. She sort of stumbled into it much the
It doesn't matter who you are, what you did, or how you ended up together - the truth that I had to eventually own was that
In Alice Walker's novel, the color purple is reflective of God's love, beauty, and hope for a better tomorrow. Like Takisha and Amy, those living with lupus embrace the color purple as they battle the illness, strive to enhance awareness, and increase funding for a cure.