In a memo to staff members on Monday, the AP’s news leaders asked for volunteers to suggest changes to social media guidelines.
Almost all medical residents who interact most closely with patients were bumped to the back of the line.
President Donald Trump's coronavirus task force lost its most controversial member this week, and many medical experts were relieved.
His behavior is “anathema to our values and belief that we should use knowledge for good," according to a new faculty senate resolution.
A working paper from Stanford University researchers concludes that the communities that hosted Trump rallies "paid a high price in terms of disease and death."
Stanford, Princeton and Yale universities said they too will reject millions of dollars in federal funding amid growing scrutiny of wealthy colleges.
The Dallas Cowboys Hall of Famer played college football at Florida, but praised E.J. Smith for taking his own path.
Stanford University Professor Pamela Karlan delivered a fiery opening statement in the House Judiciary Committee’s impeachment hearing.
Miller, known for years only as Emily Doe in the Stanford sexual assault case, has written a memoir that lays bare the complicated truths about survivorhood.
The footage caught the attention of Colin Kaepernick, who famously led peaceful protests by kneeling at NFL games.