"These men reduced me to an outdated, incorrect stereotype, as if I was only there to perform a specific task and fulfill a fantasy of theirs."
"Irrespective of the neighborhood in which I live, regardless of how articulate I might seem, all I am and all I ever will be to some people is Black."
Employees at the Atlanta store said the menu was racially insensitive and that none of the people who created it were Black.
Disney annotated "Dumbo" and other movies for including "negative depictions and/or mistreatment of people or cultures."
Immigrant characters are still disproportionately shown in storylines involving crime, a study finds.
The Aunt Jemima branding will get a new look this fall. It’s parent company Quaker Oats has decided to lose the racist stereotype in its name and logo.
Series star Ted Danson was a champion of "The Boys in the Bar," which featured a progressive (for its time) coming-out narrative, Seattle writer Matt Baume finds.
Films whose stereotypes haven't aged well come with a warning: “This program is presented as originally created. It may contain outdated cultural depictions.”
I learned that it’s OK to not have my life revolve around my grandchildren.
An AreaVibes survey shows which foods and beverages people associate with each state.
"All Asians aren’t the stereotype of being small and petite," Michelle Elman said. "Being Asian is not one look."
Spanish language teachers at a San Diego-area high school posed in stereotypical sombreros and mustaches.
Keith “Bang Bang” McCurdy and Jas Morrell launched shops that go against the grungy tattoo parlor stereotype.
Kate Parker, author of "Strong Is the New Pretty," has a new book all about modern boyhood.
It "reinforces every bad stereotype about the news media," said the legal analyst.
In October, police were called on Corey Lewis as he was babysitting two white kids. He’s trying to turn that trauma into good.
This all-male cheerleading squad is challenging gender norms.
One episode was surprisingly forward-thinking about LGBTQ sexuality, Matt Baume finds.
A new study out of Cornell University suggests that dating app algorithms don't do us any favors as far as sexual racism goes.
After Kanye West went to the White House to meet with President Donald, political analyst Donna Brazile slammed West for repeating ‘bad stereotypes about black people.”