Texas A&M

Infinite Tucker forgot his cape but still captured the SEC's 400-meter hurdle title.
The 41st president will be buried Thursday at his presidential library and museum at Texas A&M University.
The administration justified the move by saying it wants to give states more control over their Medicaid programs.
"The staggering, urgent need is simply beyond the capacity of government alone."
"Did it occur to you that a child may open it?" Charlene Sumlin wrote.
“Their skin was literally falling off.”
The virtually non-existent state environmental regulations have made the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey far worse than it would be otherwise.
"I think it’s fair to say that this is now the most extreme multi-day rain event in U.S. history."
The university, which had earlier acknowledged the organizer's free speech rights, has now stopped the rally because of its links to the Charlottesville violence.